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Bridging the divide between two worlds of medicine

More than people realize, humans and pets may suffer from some of the same diseases. Yet, the two medical worlds are separate—rarely are research and medical advancements shared between the two. One Medicine Foundation (formerly New York Veterinary Foundation) bridges that crucial gap through research and education to improve the lives of pets and the people who love them. Learn more.

Our research focuses on the interdependent relationship between humans and animals—and how what benefits one may also help enhance the life of the other.


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Sharing the knowledge we gain during our clinic studies is an important aspect of our mission. This includes lectures around the globe, publications, and outreach to veterinarians.


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We are dedicated to supporting service dogs through specialized medical care and training programs.


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Honoring the 9/11 K9 Rescuers

On September 11, 2001, Police K9 teams were among the first responders in the search and recovery efforts after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center. Many of the dogs experienced lacerations, burns, and inhalation and ophthalmic issues. Now, the New York Veterinary Foundation is seeking funding to build a memorial commemorating the sacrifices and efforts of the dogs and handlers who served.

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January 23, 2023

New York Veterinary Foundation changes name to One Medicine Foundation, unveils new logo and website

(PLAINVIEW, NY) The New York Veterinary Foundation announces it has changed its name to One Medicine Foundation. With this exciting change comes a new logo, tagline, and website. The new…
December 15, 2022

One Medicine Foundation seeking funds to help honor the 9/11 K9 rescuers, unveils memorial design 

(PLAINVIEW, NY) One Medicine Foundation is proud to be raising funds to complete an impactful memorial dedicated to the rescue dogs and their handlers who were among the first responders…
FeaturedIn the News
November 30, 2022

60 Minutes piece highlights important connection between two worlds of medicine

(IN THE NEWS / 60 MINUTES) Dogs may hold key to treating cancer in humans, says 60 Minutes report In addition to love and companionship, people and dogs share many…