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Honoring the 9/11 K9 Rescuers

Help us complete the memorial for rescue dogs and their handlers

On September 11, 2001, Police K9 teams were among the first responders in the search and recovery efforts after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center.  Working tirelessly with their handlers, often at great risk, 200 dogs were eventually on site day and night searching for victims in the days and months to come.

Many of the dogs experienced lacerations, burns, and inhalation and ophthalmic issues. On the day of the attack, doctors and staff from Long Island Veterinary Specialists (LIVS) formed part of the initial veterinary response as the dogs performed their courageous work.

Now, the New York Veterinary Foundation is seeking funding to build a memorial commemorating the sacrifices and efforts of the dogs and handlers who served—with a powerful design that includes steel and portions of a staircase from the 9/11 site.

Join us in honoring the brave dogs who served with their handlers on that tragic day.


Memorial details

Steel and portions of a staircase from the 9/11 site have been donated to create an impactful monument (Figure 4). This work was done in cooperation with state and local agencies who were the initial responders.

A bronze life-size operational K9, wearing the Port Authority Police Department shield bearing the number 911, has been donated and the memorial design is complete (Figure 5).

Etched glass panels representing the regional law enforcement department K9 teams will encircle the monument (Fig 6) which will be on display at the entrance of the newly renovated 30,000-square-foot Long Island Veterinary Specialists and lit 24/7 (Figure 7).

Your help is needed to complete the project by assisting us in meeting our fundraising goal of $80,000. Please consider helping in our effort to remember those canines that gave so much and their handlers who put themselves at great risk.

K9 team support at the World Trade Center

LIVS Hospital administrator Brian McKenna and Chief of Staff Dr. Dominic J. Marino were among the earliest first responders supporting the operational K9 teams at the World Trade Center on the first day of the attack. This initial response lasted for several days until an organized federal response was implemented.

At the request of the NYPD, Dr. Marino loaded his vehicle with medical supplies and partnered with the SCSPA team to set up a triage station and medical protocols for the many operational K9 teams that responded.

The dangerous debris field (where the K9s searched) contained a mix of metal, glass, toxins and “the Pile” as it was called stood four stories high and was still burning days after the collapse.